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physical address:  310 Shearer Blvd, Cocoa, FL  32922

This website is owned by American Quality Manufacturing, of Cocoa, Florida.  AMQ produces mostly all-steel products for the indoor tanning industry such as the Tropical Rayz tanning beds and South Beach stand up tanning booths. AQM now refurbishes automated spa equipment and recommends to all tanning salon owners to convert their salon to automated spas immediately.

The past several years has seen the indoor tanning industry transition to more healthy options like sunless tanning booths, personal saunas, photo light therapy and water massage tables, so we at American Quality put our guys to work refurbishing these products. 

We offer warranties on used tanning beds, used spa capsules, and used sunless booths because of the confidence we have in our employees and the American made products we choose for refurbishment.  Our philosophy of doing business is "pay it forward" and we live by "the law of attraction", where we will help anyone in need without asking for payment and try to attract positive people for business partners

Please call us at 800-667-9189 to talk about your best options to open a new salon or day spa, location selection, or where to buy used tanning salon equipment.  We will give free advice on how to repair your equipment or the best options for your business without expecting you to buy something.  We have developed several websites to help educate you on the tanning salon and automated spa business so that you may make a more informed decision.  Please scroll below to view several topics of discussion and click on any underlined link for more detailed information.   Call 800-667-9189 for a personal consulation or email us here with questions.