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An Introduction to Body Wraps

Body wraps have now evolved from the European style sea clay and mud wraps to Aloe Vera based all-natural body wrap kits and now "electronic" body wrap devices have emerged.  introduction to body wrapsThis webpage will introduce you to each type and style of body wrap with links to commercial products so you can determine which method is best for you or clients. 

It is important to understand the science behind each application type because the body wrapping styles can range from pulling toxins and water from your skin with mud to stimulating cells at the molecular level. 

The term "body wrap" has also been referred to a woman's line of underwear that acts as a corset, a "weight-lifters-belt-looking" device with blue LED therapy, or a mummy wrapped in ace bandages soaked in mud.  Read more about American body wrap kits here.

Pictured here is the iWrap infrared body wrap system which iwrap body wrap systemis the no-mess alternative to traditional American body wraps which cover your body you in a formula or solution.  The concept of an "infrared" wrap is to raise your core body temperature until you burn about 900 to 1400 calories in one 50 minute session.  This feat is accomplished while you are fully clothed and in a prone position and can be watching TV or reading. 

This type of infrared body wrap process is said to increase circulation, breakdown fat, and removes toxins.  Not advertised as an "inch-loss" product, but a true weight-loss program when combined with proper diet and exercise (like all the others). 

In summary, the science is there for this iWrap technology to work by raising your core temperature and burn fat.  Decide if this method is better suited for your business or personal use.  Retail price is $9,999 and each session is sold for about $60 in salons.

Shown here are the classic body wrap formulas for sea mud and Aloe Vera which have been used in day spas and salons since the days of Cleopatra.  The concept of wrapping your photo of American body wrap kit with sea mudentire body in mud-soaked bandages laced with nutrients and all natural products and allowing this mud to dry for an hour while it literally pulls the water and toxins from your body, is not a new one. 

You can fully expect to lose 10-20 inches total from around your waist, thighs, arms and legs but this is water weight that you will gain back in time.  But really who cares, right?  If you need to get into a tight dress or feel special about yourself for one night, then this is your ticket. 

You can buy home body wrap kits with the same formulas for less than $100 and you can offer body wrapping services in your salon or day spa for less than $1,000.  Additionally, the new spa capsules, like the Hydration Station model, is perfect for the "soaking" period of a body wrap.  Click here to buy European and American body wrap kits like the one pictured here.