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Photo Light Therapy is Healing with Light

This webpage will attempt to describe the exciting new world of "healing with light" or "photo light therapy" LED wave length for skin reproduction chartand how it relates to spa services and at home treatment.  Photo light therapy, bio-photonics, photobiology, and photo bio-stimulation are all new-age terms to describe the science of naturally healing the human body with scattered photons called unfocused light energy created by a light emitting diode (LED).  By contrast, lasers are focused light energy and also have healing powers, but are not discussed here. 

This website will begin with very basic LED therapy terminology and describe the benefits of different LED colors and the various frequencies which cause human cells to reproduce.  As you scroll down the page you can read more about the actual science behind photobiology and how it works at the molecular level to make you feel younger, stronger and make scars heal much faster

For the techies and people who want to read everything possible about this exciting new all-natural healing remedy, scroll to the bottom of this page to find links to NASA's controlled experiments and many other scientific studies which have been completed in the past few years.  We will also provide links to wellness center equipment which provides light therapy that you can buy for your salon or personal use.  Photo light therapy is here to stay because it works!  Here are the details:

During the 1970's NASA began studying how to grow plants in space without the aid of sunlight.  Scientists learned that plants will react to LED light at a certain color and frequency, just like they react to sunlight, and reproduce cells once stimulated by this artificial light.  At the same time, scientists were concerned with healing minor wounds in space without the benefit of gravity and were conducting concurrent studies with LED technology in the medical field. 
photo light therapy benefits
These wound-healing experiments revealed LED light would also react with parts of human cells, which also contain mitochondria, to make them split and reproduce (see NASA links below).  Now, with the 3 year mission to Mars looming in the future, NASA will install LED healing technology in the spacecraft for the astronauts (not medication).  In addition to being installed on space craft, the US Naval Special Warfare Command has approved LED usage aboard submarines. 

This method of healing is now deployed by the US military to repair wounded sailors more quickly than conventional methods with studies now underway onboard the submarine USS Salt Lake City.  The lesson learned here is that when humans are confined by space, gravity or supply chain, they rely on all-natural and non-invasive remedies like photo light therapy not surgery and daily medications.  Located below is a comparison chart to identify the healing power of different colored LEDs emitting low-powered light at different frequencies and the health benefits of each, along with links to commercial applicators on the market today:

LED Photo Light Therapy Benefits Comparison Chart

LED Color Frequency Benefits Commercial Products
RED LED Therapy 630 +/- 5 nm anti-aging: produces collagen which fills in fine line and wrinkles around the face;  arthritis relief:  collagen is glue that holds joints together; promotes healing, improves circulation, stimulates development of ATPs, read more about red LED light therapy here call 800-667-9189 for current inventory photo of a used Lumiere Excel red light therapy device
BLUE LED Therapy
470 +/- 5 nm
treatment of acne; kills bacteria; relieves back muscle pain call 800-667-9189 for current inventory
525 +/- 5 nm
treatment of hyper pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production in the basal layer and vascular issues, call 800-667-9189 for current inventory
AMBER (Yellow) LED Therapy 590 +/- 5 nm treatment of lymphatic systems; scar healing acceleration call 800-667-9189 for current inventory
PURPLE (Violet) LED Therapy
~ 400 nm
regenerates stem cells call 800-667-9189 for current inventory
Light Therapy
830 +/- 5 nm
NASA studies show LED therapy stimulated wound healing at 680, 730, and 880 nm resulting in 4x growth of fibroblasts and muscle cells in human tissue, now in use in space ships and submarines, read more about infrared LED light therapy here call 800-667-9189 for current inventory photo of a used Lumiere Excel red light therapy device

The Science Behind Photobiology (Healing with Light)

Found here are direct links to the science behind the claims made regarding the healing power of colored LED light therapy above.  Photo light therapy is now being deployed where medications can not go: submarines and space.  Click on any link below to read the scientific studies behind biophotonics: