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Introduction to Water Massage Beds

Water massage beds (aka water massage tables) like those pictured on this page have emerged in the past few years as a perfect component of an "automated spa".  Automated spas and wellness centers are establishing themselves as a great alternative to tanninphoto of a HydroMassage 350 water massage bedg salons, hair salons and expensive day spas.  For most spa related businesses, keeping a masseuse on staff is costly and cumbersome to schedule but you want to offer your customers some version of massaging services, so water massage beds are the perfect fit. 

These self-contained, computer-operated automatic water massage devices include brand names such as HydroMassage, AquaMassage, and Spa Capsule.  Each of these brand names deliver the water in a different format.  For instance, the HydroMassage has you lay on your back while spraying up from the bottom.  The AquaMassage is operated by laying on your front side and jets of water stream down from the top.  Finally, the Spa Capsule series offers an egg-type design which also sprays from the top while you lay on the bottom.  Please scroll below to read more and find links to buy used water massage beds.  Read portable sauna reviews here.

We encourage you to buy a new water massage bed photo of a used AquaMassage table for salewhen your budget allows.  Expect the price of new brands to range between $12,000 and $19,000 and the cost of refurbished and used HydroMassage beds and AquaMassage tables to fall between $6,000 and $9,000, depending on the model. 

If you buy a previously owned model you almost certainly will have to replace the liner and cover, which take all the impact of the water pressure.  Our company replaces the liner and covers on every unit.

Other pitfalls to avoid is buying a used water massage table from a warehouse or storage, where you can not test it to find out if it will work or not.  The pumps, seals, liners, heater and computer system all must operate properly to have the best water massage possible. 

There are only a few companies, like ours, which will refurbish these used Aqua and HydroMassage beds and install them with a confident warranty anywhere in the USA. We actively refurbish the following brand names to be resold to automated spas and wellness centers:  HydroMassage, AquaMassage, and Spa Capsule

Please click on each of those links or read our personal sauna reviews or portable sauna reviews here to view all of your wellness center equipment options.  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here or select from our many more menu options for day spa services below: