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Welcome to Salon Services

Welcome to!  We have been helping tanning salon and day spa owners open new salons and adjust to new market conditions since 1998.  Salon Services is owned and operated by American Quality Manufacturing, of Cocoa, Florida.  Our phone number is 800-667-9189.  Please call anytime from 8 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday thru Saturday.

automated spa layoutAmerican Quality builds mostly steel products from the ground up at their facility in Central Florida, including the Tropical Rayz brand tanning beds and South Beach brand stand up tanning booths.  In recent years, more healthy day spa equipment alternatives have emerged where the units are "self-contained" and do not require an attendant or staff during the session, now called "automated spas". Click here to learn why you should convert your tanning salon to an automated spa or wellness center immediately!

These new automated spa options include sunless tanning booths, personal saunas, and water massage tables, so AMQ now refurbishes select models of used day spa equipment to provide to their customers.  Please call 800-667-9189 , email us here, or click on any graphic or underlined text on this page to keep reading more information about your topic of interest.  We live in sunny Central Florida but we deliver and install anywhere in the USA! (and sometimes Canada :)

For general reading about getting started in the indoor tanning or automated spa industry, please visit our new webpage hereAutomated spa equipment includes "healthy alternatives" like personal spa capsules, red light therapy lamps, and sunless tanning booths.

Many homeopathic and purely organic based health spas (some times called wellness centers or automated spas) are opening up across the country every day.  We provide very expensive spa capsules and sunless booths at affordable prices on the secondary market to these new salons and spas.

Everything you find listed for sale on our network of websites includes a 90 day warranty and life-time of smart phone support.  We bring every used HydroMassage Bed, Hydration Station, and VersaSpa sunless booth back to our factory and have our guys go over everything with a fine-toothed comb (old-saying). 

We utilize our powder-coating facility to repaint parts as needed and our printing press to print graphics as needed.  Finally, we wrap, crate, ship, deliver and install this refurbished salon equipment anywhere in the United States or Canada, including Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  Click on any link below to visit our detailed page for each item or call 800-667-9189 today.